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What questions should you ask when searching for the right photographer?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Lets have a look

If you want a photographer who's going to tell your story well. One of the most critical things that sadly isn't always present is their ability and excitement to really listen to your story. No one's going to tell your story well if they haven't first heard and understood it. You want someone who cares about your unique story and isn't going to just give you the exact same thing they gave to the last couple. Because your story is unique and the way they should approach it is unique.

I think it's also important to ask photographers WHY they love what they do. So you can sniff out the genuine people from those who just want to take your money.

Another good tip for picking any vendor really is to clearly talk about what you think you'll need and see if they have been listening and care about what you're after or are still just trying to sell you their biggest package. Just because their good at sales doesn't mean they won't do an awesome job for you... But I think I speak on behalf of most people that you don't really want to be sold to as much as you want the opportunity to get what you need.

Lets have a look

I think you'll prob need to chat with your photographer and understand his/her philosophy of photography which is the most important part of the photo style. And definitely watch the whole photos of a real wedding gallery instead of just the highlight that shows on homepage

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