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What are the newest trends in wedding photography?

Lets Have a look

Trends come and go. Speak to your photographer and let them know the kind of photos you like. I always do a mix of journalistic photos and some fun creative work. The goal is to have the photos tell the story of yiur day. Your photographer will be happy to hear your thoughts.

As a photographer I strive to capture your personalities and all those special moments on the day.

Lets have a look

All trends will date over time it's best to focus on natural imagery however, in recent years photo journalistic images have become more popular. Around 10 years ago a lot of couples were asking for black and white images and then flowers in coulour. It was a trend back then (I hated it) :) if someone really wanted it I would give them a version like that but always knew it will go out of fashion. It is important for the photographer to fully understand what kind of images their couple are wanting and he or she should adapt. We can provide our best advice but ultimately it's their day and they have the last word.

Lets have a look

Instead of asking the couples to do some awkward poses, I believe the newest trends in wedding photography have more focus on the story behind the images. At perfect image, we believe that after decades, when our clients look back at their wedding and peruse through their album or video clips, they will find those real romantic and glorious moments when they cemented their love rather than awkward poses.

“I want all my clients to look into their wedding photos and video shoots and proudly say, that’s us!!

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